Mobile apps come in a million different colours, shapes and sizes, and they do a billion different things. You might want to make an iPhone app, an iPad app, a Blackberry app or an Android app. And because every app is unique, no single price can suit them all.

Free quote

That’s why at OurApps4U, we think the best way to define a fair price for any mobile app development contract is to talk to you to understand your requirements in detail, and then offer you a quote. A mobile app development consultation with OurApps4U is completely free of charge, and you can be sure that your app idea will remain completely your own.

Pricing Structure

Once we’ve agreed a price for the mobile app development process, OurApps4U guarantees to deliver what you want according to your precise specification, on budget and within the time agreed. If you want a closer involvement in the app development itself, or if things are so fluid that we can’t estimate a price for certain, OurApps4U can offer our services at an hourly rate.

Business Approaches

When it comes to business approaches, we’re flexible enough to accommodate most clients’ needs. OurApps4U can publish apps under your company name, or under our own if you prefer, and we can help you set up a developer account if you want us to. We’ll also consider going into partnership with you, by co-promoting or co-funding your application – or even both. Your bright idea – brought to life by OurApps4U. Get in touch today to find out more.

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